Press Articles and Interviews

“Jung und jünger” [Young and younger] - Novel

“… fast paced, uninhibited honest…”
“… infectious and full of humor…”
“… makes you ponder…”
“… more than just an easy summer read…”

“Opernball” [Opera Ball] – Screenplay

“Ratings and quality found each other.”
“… not only suspenseful but able to start a political discussion….”
“… a successful experiment in bringing a seemingly impossible adaptation to a wide audience.”


Interviews and Articles in German language only.


Hollywood-Blog Special: Leni Ohngemach by Jessica Mazur Portrait: July 2009

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Wie man sich selbst neu erfindet [“How to reinvent yourself”]

Berlin Faces :: Sommer 2007

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Frauenunterhaltung: Interview mit Leni Ohngemach [about Novels and Screenplays and “Young and younger”]

KNAUR PresseInfo Taschenbuch :: Juli/August 2007

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"Jeder muss seine eigene Stimme finden"  [“You have to find your own voice.”]

Interview, Leonberger Kreiszeitung :: 16.2.2008

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Ich bin eine Drama-Queen  [“I am a drama queen”]

SAT1 TV Highlights,
Interview zu “Schöne Witwen küssen besser” :: Dezember2004

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Leni Ohngemach im Werkstattgespräch [about Screenwriting]

SCRIPT Titel :: Herbst 2001

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Nachglanz für den Opernball [Award for Leni Ohngemachs acclaimed screenplay “Opera Ball” and discussion about neo-Nazism]

Gong :: Sommer 1998

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Jung und jünger | Leni Ohngemach entführt ihre Leser geschickt in die atemlose, glitzernde Modewelt [review “Young and younger”]

Online: :: August 2007

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"Der Jugendwahn wird ausgetrickst"

Sindelfinger Zeitung :: 20.2.2008

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